"Sunning" at White Pine Beach

Corinne, Devin and I went to White Pine Beach today. Harv was suppose to come too but he stayed at home and soaked in a bath tub. We planned on sun tanning and going swimming but it was way too cold! It even rained for a few seconds every once in a while. There was about 5 minutes of sunshine and it was awesome. We almost ate all 10 sandwiches we brought, we got through 8/10. The last 2 were for you Harv!!!! Oh I almost forgot, a bug flew into Corinne’s eye as I took a picture of her. I posted the picture on Twinkle so everyone nearby who had an Iphone/Itouch could see the picture. We went home around 2pm. Corinne was going to do her laundry and I am going to play video games in my bikini. The-End.


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