1st Year Anniversary – Paper

Our first year wedding anniversary has come and gone. That was so fast I am a little shocked. Let me reflect on what happened in our wonderful first year.

  1. I left EA and started working for QCDocs Systems as a designer.
  2. Devin and I purchased a new card. Our wonderful Honda FIT.
  3. We bought an apartment style condo in Port Coquitlam. No more room mates!
  4. Devin left EA and started working for Nexon Gaming.

And that’s just the big stuff. There has been so many micro shifts in our lives that has made us feel so much more grown up. For example taking steps toward improving our writing(Devin) and drawing(me) so that we can one day make a living out of doing our most favored of hobbies. Eating healthier. Exercising. Making an effort to spend equal time with families and friends. The list goes on.


For our paper anniversary. Devin got me Hellboy comics. He is my favorite super hero. My card is 2 monkeys sitting in a tree. I gave Devin the Watchmen graphic novel and a magazine on Retro Gaming. His card reads, “When I said I do, I didn’t mean laundry.”

For the actual day we opened gifts and went to Milestones. For the weekend we had a day planned out for kayaking and picnicing, but we didn’t take into account that beaches and lakes are so busy during the last couple of weekends of August. We couldn’t get in – all the rentals were gone and there was no parking left for the beaches. So we went to the mall to buy us things to cheer us up. Ha! But we didn’t actually buy anything.


We had reservations for the Cannery. That part of our plan went without a hitch! The mussels were so awesome.

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