Guest Art by Ciena, Zay, Russel & Tom

Its been a number of years since I sorted through all my drawings. While I was sorting I found these cute drawings by Ciena, Russel and Zay. I was teaching them how to draw using the computer. Russel was probably around 8 at the time, Ciena 13 and Zay 9. I also found a drawing by my friend Tom that I was most likely suppose to digitilize and colour – oops sorry Tom I probably forgot.



From left to right:

  1. A face drawn and coloured by Ciena.
  2. Another face drawn by Ciena and then coloured by me.
  3. A mermaid we drew together.
  4. A neopet drawn by Russel.
  5. A face drawn and coloured by Zay. He titled it Rocker.
  6. A pencil drawing by Tom. Most likely a forgotten collaboration.
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