Woods of Imprisonment (Nude)

My November entry for Drawing Challenge. I made a multi-user art gallery for the Drawing Challenge Group using Drupal.

I’m really proud of this one, I spent a lot of time with the background – which is unusual for me. I will make an effort to draw backgrounds more often as I think it really completes the picture. This is drawn in Painter and coloured in Photoshop.

Woods of Imprisonment

The inspiration for this drawing was a mini story written by Devin Misner.

A young and beautiful girl walks cheerfully while on her way to her love. She decides to take a short cut through a forest. The woods are old and an evil lingers through every moss and pine. Sadly the forest has taken an interest in this girl and has decided to not let her leave. It wants her beauty and youth as its own and it will take it with force. The withered branches grab at her from every direction and slowly pull her into the endless brush. Her humanity is now lost as she has become part of the woods. Not fully human nor fully tree, she is trapped in her wooden prison for eternity. This beauty is lost to the world and all that remains is her endless sadness for her lover lost. Her soul may be lost but it is said when the nights are just right you can hear her cries carried by the wind.

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