December Entry for Drawing Challenge

My entry for the December Drawing Challenge

Soul Friends

Written By Devin Misner

In a time long ago on a farm near a hill, little Billy was playing with his sister Jill. It was getting dark and almost time for bed when all of a sudden the sky burst into red. Jill screamed to her brother “What’s that over on the hills!? It looks like a tornado but made of fire that shrills!” The fearful Jill ran to the safety of her home while her much braver brother began to roam. Curious by nature this little boy had to see what was causing this maelstrom of fiery debris.

Billy ran towards the neighboring hill but stopped near the top and stood still. The familiar peak where he had many times played had completely changed as a crater now laid. As quick as it began the fiery maelstrom then stopped and from its burning center a large stone dropped. With the flames dying down and the smoke beginning to clear Billy saw the strange stone resting quite near. He gathered his strength and ventured into the hole to confront the object that resembled a piece of coal.

As Billy reached the strange burnt stone from inside he could swear it began to groan! The stone began to shake and then started to crack and Billy then realized this was no rock but an egg in fact! He watched with awe as cracks and small flames began to spout, this egg was about to hatch no doubt. With a last burst of heat the egg was no more but instead lay a creature that seem straight out of lore. Billy gazed upon its strange wings and scaly red skin and then he began to have the biggest grin. “I know what you are! I can’t believe my own eyes. You’re a baby dragon, like the stories, the kind who flies” The dragon stood up and extended its wings. “Yes that’s right! Lets see you use those things!” It began to flap against the charred ground and then took off like an eagle and began to circle around. “You did it little guy!” cheered Billy jumping from where the dragon once laid as it was on that day a great friendship was made.

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