Learning to paint traditionally

I asked for acrylic paints for my birthday with the intention of learning how to paint. I love painting on the computer but I think my drawings can look processed. My Photoshop painting techniques involve burning, blurring, and dodging – nothing at all like traditional Paints. So in order to improve my digital painting I have set a goal to learn how to paint traditionally. No undo button.

This is my control piece, painted before I do my usual training process. (How to books, training videos, and online tutorials).



From left to right – versions spanning 3 painting sessions: 

– My painting equipment (Thank you again bro for the wonderful birthday gift!)

– Ver 1. She started out nude, not very appropriate as I had intended the mermaid to child-like.

– Ver 2. Added background effects, corrected the nudity, and over did the hair. Heheh Marge Simpson hair.

– Final piece. (top) Hmm so there is an undo button. Just paint over. 🙂

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