Mouse Trap

One of my biggest regrets in school was that I did not spend enough time documenting my projects. I had so many interesting projects that I have clean forgotten about. I’ll make sure to request teaching blogging practices to students the next time SFU calls me to ask for money.

One of the few projects I did document was Mouse Trap, a video narrative that unfolded within the space of a computer room and 30+ computers. The user enters the computer room and is at once enveloped into the story. Each of the computers is playing a different sound loop that harmonizes together to create a decidedly artificial sound track. (30 speaker sound system!) The user may notice the girl wandering from one computer screen to another, a loud beep is occasionally heard to indicate her location. The best show and tell of the technology is shown just after the 1 minute mark as the girl “walks” from 1 computer to the next to reach her goal.

Media: Max/MSP
Anyone remember the name of this class or of our professors. Kenneth something..

Max patch, filming, editing, sound design and acting by Corinne Leroux and Jahzel Misner. You can’t actually hear my “acting” part in this video, but I’m the one on the phone talking to Corinne. I don’t mind at all that all evidences of my student acting have been lost.

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