Galactic Empress – April entry for Drawing Challenge


Wheee! Finished my entry for Drawing Challenge with 1 hour to spare.

This was a true challenge for me, drawing something and knowing that I can’t use Photoshop colouring to make it pretty. I enjoy coloring, so I tend to rush the drawing phase. This results in my drawing skill improving very slowly. I’m going to make a point of doing character sheets every once in a while. Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun drawing this character. One challenge I didn’t expect was making the character look like the same person from different angles. For the next few challenges I would like to continue focusing on facial expressions. Also I must remember to leave enough time to draw clothing.

Media: Painter. (Simulated pencil and smudge stick)
Topic: Galactic Empress. She is the empress of the galactic empire. She sits in her throne, made from the idols of conquered civilizations. Always at her side guarding her life, stand high assassins of the galactic guard. In her hands she carries the scepter of interstellar truth.

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