Card Adventures – Character Style Sketches

I’m back to working on Card Adventures. Last Fall this was a project that was on high on my priority list, but it got shelved in favor of Gnomes Homes and 2nd Syndicate. My work for Gnomes Homes and 2nd Syndicate is done (for now), so Card Adventures is back on top. Card Adventures is in early stages of development. I just recently completed the design document for the online portal. It’s all confidential thought so I can’t show it here!

TCG Prototype
The top right corner shows 3 different prototypes each with it’s own game mechanic. To get into the mood of designing a TCG I have played many many (many!) hours of Magic Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Free Realms. In fact, I think I’m a little bit addicted.. Anyways blogging about game development is not very exciting, as I can’t actually show anything. But here are some concept art.

Rough sketches of character art styles

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