Trading Cards – Card Adventures

These are the cards that Manuell and I have completed for Card Adventure’s trading card game. I didn’t black out the text this time as this version of cards will not be used. Actually the TCG concept is being shelved for now due to licensing issues from Wizards of the Coast. Did you know there is a patent on collectible card games? Regardless, there is still going to be cards (as the company is called Card Adventures) but the focus will be changing to Online. I love card games, but I love Online games even more, so I am not too disappointed that the TCG has been shelved.

Concept and card graphic design by Jahzel Misner
Monkey King, Nurse Jeanne, Billy Bishop by Jahzel
Yellow Spirit Seal, Sky Piercer, Dragon Pearl, background for Billy Bishop and Nurse Jeanne by Manuell Martinez

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