Green Collar Redesign

To redesign or to not redesign, that is the question

Not all redesigns require a brand overhaul. The need to rebrand every time is a mistake that new designers often make. We’ve all been there, the need to make the design truly yours can be tempting. Over zealous rebranding however is a good way to alienate a client. Green Collar already has a great brand and a great looking site. What they want is to clean up their site to give it a sleeker and more sophisticated appearance.

New Site

Old Site

The old Green Collar site is not bad, however there are issues with Hierarchy. The first question I ask is which elements are the most important.

1. Logo

I increased the dominance of the logo by adding white space around it. I also reduced the real estate of the login bar and donate menu to further increase the dominance of the logo.

2. Menu

Lightened the colours in the menu so that it doesn’t overtake the logo. This also removes the very heavy line dividing the header into two.

3. Header

Increased the white space around the header and reduced the white space as the page goes down. This increases the dominance of the header while encouraging the eye to travel down the page.

4. News/Blog buttons

Removed “Read this post” buttons as the headliner links to the same content.

5. Featured Organization banners

Reduced the size of externally linked partner banners.

I also worked on consistency. I toned down the colour palette by making sure the same shades of blues and greens were used. I hacked away at their CSS so that the font types and sizes were consistent.

All the changes I made were small, but it lends to a more cohesive website.

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