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My First Doodles of 2010

The first 2 drawings I’ve done in the new year. Here Comes the Bride was designed for my company Something Green. As for the Pikachu inspired bunnies, I have no explanation. Media: Illustrator Related Images: Blog post” class=”ngg-fancybox” rel=”5210117a9d7d6728114c9f631af49437″ data-image-id=”3″ data-src=”http://jahzel.com/wp-content/gallery/brand/gnomeshomes.jpg” data-thumbnail=”http://jahzel.com/wp-content/gallery/brand/thumbs/thumbs_gnomeshomes.jpg” data-title=”Gnomes Homes” data-description=”Kid's play home logo. <a href="http://jahzel.com/2009/01/logo-design/">Blog post</a>”>

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