The Perfect MMORPG Interface

I love MMO’s and being an Interface Designer, I also love MMO interfaces.  I am conducting a search for the most perfect MMO interface. From World of Warcraft I love the character panels and the ease of equipping and viewing gear. I love Final Fantasy XI’s login interface. It wasn’t particularly easy to navigate but it really helped draw me into the world before I even logged in. I haven’t tried Warhammer yet, but my friend showed me the Guild interface and it looks really exciting with it’s built in Calendar, Events and attendance functionality. Now if only I could put all those great elements together. With this project I am trying to design the perfect MMO interface, at least from a point of view of a designer who is also a gamer.

Here is what I have so far of the Login Interface:

The Gamepedia is similar to Wow’s Armory and Thottbot. However I’ve already decided that the way I designed it is no good. The purpose of the Gamepedia is that you can compare the stats and gear of any 2 characters. You can also look up the stats of any in-game item. I placed this system in the Dashboard interface so that users didn’t need to go look at a separate website to get this information. Bad idea! In order to look at this information I have to be in the dashboard. As a gamer I don’t want to log out to view this information. So the 2 better solutions would be to have this informaiton in game or on a seperate website.

I don’t like the idea of going outside of the game to retrieve this information. It takes away from the game’s immersion. However making this information too accesible in game (E.g pressing a button) will also take away from the game’s immersion. One idea I have is this:

Encyclopedia like in game information about items can be accessed by going to a library or bookstore. A bookstore/library will be available in each town.

But lazy gamers will be mad at me if I do that. I will post more as I continue to develop this project.

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