DJ Tank – March Entry for Drawing Challenge


My March entry for Drawing Challenge.  My focus for this month was the pose and to have the 4 arms as natural as possible. I used Goro (Mortal Kombat) as a reference. If I had more time I would have spent more time cleaning up the colouring of the pants and the machine parts. My goal for next month is an expressive face.

Media: Painter & Photoshop


1. Pencil drawing in Painter
2. Blocking out colours in Photoshop
3. Shading and detailing. Many new artists get discouraged at the “awkward stage” and stop. Don’t stop! Keep adding layers of details and shading. Each layer will contribute to getting out of the dreaded  awkward stage.

Topic Description:

TANK Year 2075 Tank is the most popular DJ on Earth. He is a cyborg: half machine, half human. He has 2 arms: 2 biological, 2 machine. He is of African American descent. He has a slim figure and an afro hairstyle. His style of music is techno/hip hop. He is Buddist. He has a slight cocky attitude. He is single, but a big player (has lots of groupies).

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