Livecare Marketing

I lead the Research & Development team at Livecare. However in my “free-time” I provide marketing and graphic services to our clinics.

Livecare Booth
Quickie booth design for the Rural Physicians Conference. Pop-up banner and signage in just under 3 days, whew!

Livecare Pop-Up BannerPop-up banner advertising Livecare’s telemedicine services. The copy needs work, we are still refining our message.

Learn more about Livecare and Telemedicine

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Vigilance Solutions Website Design

Website design for Vigilance Solutions, a healthcare transformation firm.


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Yoshi Fan Art

My first drawing in who knows how long. I am feeling rusty!
Drawn in Illustrator. Coloured in Photoshop.

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False Creek Plastic Surgery – Print Ad Campaign

As much as I miss working for startups, one of the perks of working for a larger company (Surgical Spaces Inc.) is the opportunity to try new things (like print). Below is my first major print ad campaign for False Creek Plastic Surgery Centre. These ads are massive in scale, and they definitely looked different from the neighboring posters which used a lot of colours. However for this campaign, it was important to stay consistent with the minimilist and nearly monochrome style that was established in the website. The only thing I would change is my use of typography – for next time I would like to use larger or bolder fonts.

Marketing direction by Lucie Levy-Spack

Skytrain Ad

Skytrain Ad

Georgia Straight Ad

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Non-Traditional Management Infographics

The rough sketch provided by the client is not included this time (confidential stuff). The names in the graphics below have also been changed (E.g. Dr. Sailor Moon). My challenge for this project was to display management/responsibility flow without the use of a traditional hierarchy flow chart.

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False Creek Plastic Surgery – Web Design

I am very behind in my blogging, so I am going to be a rebel and post twice today. I am currently working on a website for a Plastic Surgery Centre at False Creek Healthcare. The art direction is clean and minimalist. I personally favour the minimalist style; however, this client loves the clean/sparse even more than I do. It was a very different experience being asked for less colour and more simple! Here are my top 3 favorites of the design mockups.





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CRM Interface Design & Icons

GUI, logo and icon design for Customer Relationship Management software for False Creek Healthcare Centre. There were 2 directions that were requested – fun and quirky, and clean and sexy. Such opposing directions resulted in many many mockups. (!)

2 mockups that almost made the cut. I had actually started implementing the CSS and graphics for the green mockup before a last minute decision changed the whole look:

The Final Version, this is an actual screenshot from the finished software:

Btw Microsoft, <sarcasm> you guys need to have more icons in your CRM. <sarcasm />


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Nicli Antica Pizzeria Website Design

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza is coming to Vancouver. Is anyone else as excited about this as me? If only I weren’t lactose intolerant. Below are the 3 website mockups I designed for Nicli Antica Pizzeria.

Nicli Antica Web 1

Nicli Antica Web 2

Nicli Antica Web 3

Nicli Antica Pizzeria – Neapolitan Pizza will be opening in Vancouver later this Summer. Follow Niclia Antica Pizzeria on Twitter for the latest news.

Note: Images and text are used for mockup purposes and will not be used for the final production.

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False Creek Logo Design

The first set of logo compositions for False Creek Healthcare Centre. The themes for these logos focused on Hope, Partners, Urgent Care and Canada. As usual labelled numerically with comic sans ms. All fonts deserve love.

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