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CRM Interface Design & Icons

GUI, logo and icon design for Customer Relationship Management software for False Creek Healthcare Centre. There were 2 directions that were requested – fun and quirky, and clean and sexy. Such opposing directions resulted in many many mockups. (!) 2 mockups that almost made the cut. I had actually started implementing the CSS and graphics […]

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False Creek Logo Design

The first set of logo compositions for False Creek Healthcare Centre. The themes for these logos focused on Hope, Partners, Urgent Care and Canada. As usual labelled numerically with comic sans ms. All fonts deserve love.

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Green Collar Redesign

To redesign or to not redesign, that is the question Not all redesigns require a brand overhaul. The need to rebrand every time is a mistake that new designers often make. We’ve all been there, the need to make the design truly yours can be tempting. Over zealous rebranding however is a good way to […]

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Set 1 of Something Green Logos

Here I go again. Thought this logo design is for my company Something Green, I find designing for myself just as challenging as designing for someone else. For the first set I am playing with concepts that communicate eco-friendly and weddings.

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Final Set of 2nd Syndicate Logos

Logo 2 was heavily favored. I spend less and less time as I progress through each logo set.┬áThis set took me 15 minutes. This is my┬ádesired process. At this point I want to be refining, rather than redesigning to the point that what the client originally liked is lost. Set 5 shows logo revisions based […]

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Help Second Syndicate Choose a Logo

These are the 3 logos that Sean Hodgins (CEO of Second Syndicate) liked the best. These 3 are also my favorite. How lucky, that almost never happens. Now comes the process of selecting just 1 of these 3 for refining and colour tuning. This process involves user feedback. Please leave a comment and let us […]

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Set 3 of Second Syndicate Logos

It’s not uncommon for a client to change their mind and want to explore a different direction, especially for logo design. Set 2 (SS style) has been discarded and Set 3 goes back to general ideas of home logos. I have a lot of respect for graphic designers who specialize in logo design, it takes […]

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