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Product Photography

Product photography with Photoshop editing.

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Mobile Launch Icons for Livecare

Apple and Android launch icons for Livecare. I’ve never made icons for Android before. It was considerably more challenging with the guidelines on silhouettes and perspective, but it was a lot of fun!

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Livecare Marketing

I lead the Research & Development team at Livecare. However in my “free-time” I provide marketing and graphic services to our clinics. Quickie booth design for the Rural Physicians Conference. Pop-up banner and signage in just under 3 days, whew! Pop-up banner advertising Livecare’s telemedicine services. The copy needs work, we are still refining our […]

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False Creek Plastic Surgery – Print Ad Campaign

As much as I miss working for startups, one of the perks of working for a larger company (Surgical Spaces Inc.) is the opportunity to try new things (like print). Below is my first major print ad campaign for False Creek Plastic Surgery Centre. These ads are massive in scale, and they definitely looked different […]

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Non-Traditional Management Infographics

The rough sketch provided by the client is not included this time (confidential stuff). The names in the graphics below have also been changed (E.g. Dr. Sailor Moon). My challenge for this project was to display management/responsibility flow without the use of a traditional hierarchy flow chart. Related Images:

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CRM Interface Design & Icons

GUI, logo and icon design for Customer Relationship Management software for False Creek Healthcare Centre. There were 2 directions that were requested – fun and quirky, and clean and sexy. Such opposing directions resulted in many many mockups. (!) 2 mockups that almost made the cut. I had actually started implementing the CSS and graphics […]

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Sci-Fi RTS Front End

Another UI practice for me. Graphics and icons by me. 3D background by Visual Paradox. These are mockups, not a real game. However, I was playing the Battlestar Galactica board game before designing these and took much of the game mechanics as inspiration. Note to self: Learn how to draw spaceships.

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Another Hops Studios banner, the duck returns

Another AdHack commission for Hops Studios. AdHack recently launched their ‘Hire this Creator’ functionality, and I was the very first designer to get hired on their site! These Hops banners are a lot of fun. It is pretty much designing an Infographic. Not only does it have to look good, but it has to accurately […]

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HUD Design with Warhammer 40K Art Inspiration

I’m making a sincere effort to get back into UI Art design. These are mockups, and not a real game. The 3D art is by Brandon Campbell. Icons and HUD element are by me. The art inspiration for this game is Warhammer 40k & Dawn of War.

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Hop Studios: Inject Module Banner

An Adhack banner commision for Hop Studios. The best part about this commision was that they had existing graphics created by another artist, which provided me with the challenge of mimicking another artist’s style. (E.g. Deeployer helper banner) Layout mock ups and sketches.

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