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No Money, No Problem Christmas

December rolls along and I realize I have not saved up nearly enough money to buy my friends and families Christmas gifts. (Curse you unemployment!) Thought I’m sure my friends miss my usual economy class gifts of soaps, chocolates or movie tickets, I really hope they enjoyed my “hand-made” gifts better. A flash game I […]

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Congratulations Jeriel!

My brother passed his nursing exam! He is officially a nurse. I am so happy and relieved that he is finally finished. The road to becoming a nurse seems so long and stressful. My only regret is that he will reclaim his title as (self-proclaimed) “Prettier Sibling”. Now that he will have more time to […]

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New Office

I moved to a new office at work and it feels great. I didn’t realize how negatively a tiny windowless office affected me. Now I don’t have to work from home! I very much enjoy separating work life from home. Otherwise I get use to thinking about work when I am at home. I feel […]

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1st Year Anniversary – Paper

Our first year wedding anniversary has come and gone. That was so fast I am a little shocked. Let me reflect on what happened in our wonderful first year. I left EA and started working for QCDocs Systems as a designer. Devin and I purchased a new card. Our wonderful Honda FIT. We bought an […]

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Chilliwack & Cats

Devin and I are taking a break from the city. We are spending the long weekend in Chilliwack with his parents. Here are pics of their 3 cats from left to right, Chancey, Nike and Buster. I still can’t decide if I like cats or not. They seem so moody.

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"Sunning" at White Pine Beach

Corinne, Devin and I went to White Pine Beach today. Harv was suppose to come too but he stayed at home and soaked in a bath tub. We planned on sun tanning and going swimming but it was way too cold! It even rained for a few seconds every once in a while. There was […]

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A peek at my office

So this is where I work. My snug little office. Sometimes my co-workers stop by.  Update: Just looking at these photos, I noticed I have M&Ms. Jackpot.

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On the train to work

I’m on the west coast train heading to work. It’s been nearly a week with my new iPhone and I love it! I feel so free knowing I can access my email, blog and google map at any time.

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Riva Raptorbane!

My paladin in Wow.

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Dragons are awesome

Cake! – How to make it

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