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Livecare Web Design

Website designed and developed for Livecare. Not your typical brick-and-mortar healthcare provider, Livecare conducts their health consultations online. I’ve been a patient twice myself to check a recurring problem with my ears. The first time the doctor was in San Diego, the second time she was in Surrey. Livecare stands out in Canada’s healthcare industry […]

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Vigilance Solutions Website Design

Website design for Vigilance Solutions, a healthcare transformation firm. Authored by:

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False Creek Plastic Surgery – Web Design

I am very behind in my blogging, so I am going to be a rebel and post twice today. I am currently working on a website for a Plastic Surgery Centre at False Creek Healthcare. The art direction is clean and minimalist. I personally favour the minimalist style; however, this client loves the clean/sparse even […]

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Nicli Antica Pizzeria Website Design

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza is coming to Vancouver. Is anyone else as excited about this as me? If only I weren’t lactose intolerant. Below are the 3 website mockups I designed for Nicli Antica Pizzeria. Nicli Antica Pizzeria – Neapolitan Pizza will be opening in Vancouver later this Summer. Follow Niclia Antica Pizzeria on Twitter for […]

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Green Collar Redesign

To redesign or to not redesign, that is the question Not all redesigns require a brand overhaul. The need to rebrand every time is a mistake that new designers often make. We’ve all been there, the need to make the design truly yours can be tempting. Over zealous rebranding however is a good way to […]

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Vancitywag Web Mockups – Dark websites are yummy

Only 2 mockups, and both of a similar style?! Yes I know, how very out of character for me. The client made it very easy for me by providing: A description of the brand. Example of website styles. E.g. MeloFotografia, Girls by Design, Lalawag Content. The client was happy with the first mockup, but I decided […]

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2nd Syndicate Website Mockups

Website mockups for 2nd Syndicate. The client’s vision was to have an interface that is clean with rounded edges. He cites the Clarity Accounting website as reference for a website that he likes.

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Website Design – Gnomes Homes

I’ve started building the website for Gnomes Homes. Here’s a look at my process. Clean Colors Minimalism – Lots of white space I definitely wanted the website to look clean, but also to be playful and cartoony. Here is the final mockup. The tree was added to anchor the website – a floating gnome home […]

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New Portfolio

My new portfolio is now up!

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Tick-ER Logo & Website

Logo and website design for Tick-ER.

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