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Submarine Blanket Samples – Gnomes Homes

The printing company finished with our first set of blankets and sent us the samples. They assured me that no simplification of the artwork would be needed, but there was some miscommunication because they did end up reducing the colours to 10. It doesn’t really matter since I am still very pleased with the results. […]

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Website Design – Gnomes Homes

I’ve started building the website for Gnomes Homes. Here’s a look at my process. Clean Colors Minimalism – Lots of white space I definitely wanted the website to look clean, but also to be playful and cartoony. Here is the final mockup. The tree was added to anchor the website – a floating gnome home […]

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Spaceship Blanket Theme – Gnomes Homes

The spaceship theme. I probably won’t draw any more until we have samples printed from the textile printers. They assure me that their printers are very precise and that I do not need to simplify the artwork – but I am a little skeptical.

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Blanket Themes – Gnomes Homes

The first set of artwork for the blankets that will decorate the inside of the play house. The blankets will be double sided – gnomes on one side, and submarine on the other. Many more themes are in progress. These are huge, 10 x 2.5 feet –  and of course vectors!

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Robot Sketches – Gnomes Homes

 Robot sketches for the spaceship theme.

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Paper Prototype – Gnomes Homes

Okay, so my Iphone camera sucks. A quick paper prototype to test the wall design.

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Wall Canvas – Gnomes Homes

More Gnomes Homes artwork in progress. I don’t want to say too much about this part of the project. The product will be launched soon enough! Related Images: Blog post” class=”ngg-fancybox” rel=”bd69c21baf76d63c7aed0865e4642996″ data-image-id=”3″ data-src=”https://jahzel.com/wp-content/gallery/brand/gnomeshomes.jpg” data-thumbnail=”https://jahzel.com/wp-content/gallery/brand/thumbs/thumbs_gnomeshomes.jpg” data-title=”Gnomes Homes” data-description=”Kid's play home logo. <a href="http://jahzel.com/2009/01/logo-design/">Blog post</a>”>

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Website Art – Gnomes Homes

 The finalized artwork for GnomesHomes.com Before settling on the “Cosy & Cute” style, I was working on a less cartoony family of gnomes. I never did get to finish these 2 pieces, thought I would like to. 

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Cute Style Sketches – Gnomes Homes

Sketches for GnomesHomes.com in a cute style, as requested by the client. I find that there is a fine line between cute and creepy. The Lord of the Rings (traditional) style will be coming soon – as soon as I am done colouring it.

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